Curacao Still Struggling to Form Coalition Government

Newly sworn-in members of the Curacao parliament

Two weeks after general elections in Curacao and some five days after the newly elected members of parliament were sworn in; the island’s political parties are still struggling to form a coalition government.

There were three political parties, Pueblo Soberano (PS), Movimentu Futuro Korsou (MFK) and MAN who all indicated a willingness to form a new coalition government, and signed an agreement to that effect.

However, MFK subsequently withdrew from negotiations, blaming disagreements with Helmin Wiels, leader of the largest party PS.

On Monday November 5th, PS, Partido pa Adelanto i Inovashon Soshal (PAIS) and Partido Nashonal di Pueblo (PNP) informed the official responsible for supervising the process of forming the new government, Glenn Camelia, they have agreed to sign a “declaration of joint effort.

The MFK with its five seats is an option as a fourth party with PS, PAIS and PNP.

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