Curtains Draw Down on Nature Island Challenge 2.0

nicThe fourth and final day of (NIC) Nature Island Challenge 2.0 kicked off in the Colihaut Heights on Segment 10 of the Waitukubuli National Trail and continued through Syndicate and part of Segment 11 to end at the Indian River.

The first mini challenge at the Syndicate Visitor Centre was to make a bottle of local juice; followed by the next mini challenge – an exciting Lime & Spoon race across the spring bridge on Segment 11.

The final mini challenge saw the racers to best duplicate the Indian River Bar’s famous Dynamite Rum Punch.

All in good fun, the final major challenge of NIC 2.0 was an exciting game of Cricket at Benjamin Park, where students of the Portsmouth Secondary School challenged the teams with their best bowlers.

Day three of the Nature Island Challenge left the teams at;

A new Leader: Team Trinidad Red with 175 points
Second Place: Team Trinidad White with 165 points
Third Place: Team USA Blue with 160 points
Fourth Place: Team Dominica Green with 115 points

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