Curtis ‘Shakes’ Richards and Andy Prosper send out a message to their critics


Curtis ‘Shakes’ Richards of Newtown and Andy Prosper of Morne Prosper are now free to go after the Director of Prosecutions withdrew charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder which were brought against them in 2009. The duo published a paid statement in the local news paper stating that they have forgiven their ‘haters’ and that there are no hard feelings between them. The men added that the envious and jealous ones will not get anywhere in life and those persons of both Newtown and Giraudel should know better than to think they would do something like that. “Shame, shame, shame” said the duo. In addition, the duo also sent out their sincerest sympathies to the families Kmala, Mannison and Pappas after which describing their relationship as a family-type bond. Richards and Prosper were remanded for a few weeks in 2009 after which they were granted bail in the sum of five hundred thousand dollars at the Roseau High Court.

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