Customers Benefit from SAT’s Christmas Promotion Draw


Winner for the night for two at the Fort Young Hotel Stephanie Royer and Marketing Manager, Ms. Elizabeth St. Cyr

SAT Telecommunications LTD continues to fulfill the terms of our mission statement to our valued customers. Our services are of the highest quality and value, with affordable prices that are unmatched in the industry locally and internationally.

To show how much we value our customers, SAT Telecoms conducted its Christmas Season draw on February 19th, and held a prize giving for the winning customers today February 26th; However without our corporate alliances with Liat Ltd, J Astaphans and Company Ltd, Express Des Isles, and the Fort Young Hotel for making this prize giving Ceremony would not be possible.

Liat Representative for Dominica, Mr. Gerard J.Cools-Lartigue, said he is pleased that Liat and Sat Telcoms are working together. This year, Liat will be celebrating 57 years of existence and Mr. Cools-Latigue, wants to commend their customers for all the support they have shown to them over the years.

He informed SAT News, that the reasons their flights are delayed and sometimes cancelled, is because their aircrafts are old and they are being extremely cautious. However, he noted that they are hoping to receive brand new aircrafts soon, one in May and the other in June.


(from left to right) Liat Representative for Dominica, Mr. Gerard J.Cools-Lartigue, Marketing Manager Ms. Elizabeth St. Cyr and Ms. Gale Romain, PRO of J. Astaphans Ltd

Our Marketing Manager Ms. Elizabeth St. Cyr, extended appreciations on behalf of SAT Telecoms to our valued customers, and assured them, that without their services, we would not be in exsitence.

The winners are: Eeverad St. Luce from Salisbury, who won a trip for two for L’Express Des Isles.

Euphrasine and Marcel Cuffy from lower Salisbury winning a trip for two to any of Liat’s Destination.

Stephanie Royer from Bense, who won a night for two at the Fort Young Hotel and Shanika Augustine from Warner Village, winning a 32 inch television from J. Astaphans and Company.


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