Cutlass Wielding Attacker gets One Year!!!

BroadMachete25 year old Patrick Telemaque, will have enough time to plan a more positive future, after being sentenced to one year imprisonment, following his appearance at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday August 13th.

Telemaque, who appeared before Magistrate Candia George, was slapped with the charge of robbery and theft of a gold chain and pendant, and a gold wristlet valued at US$3090 equivalent to $8400EC.

Because he pleaded guilty to theft, the prosecution withdrew the robbery charge.

According to the facts of the case, on Thursday June 13th, at about 12:50pm in Mahaut, the virtual complainant, Ashton Alexander, was on business and engaged in a conversation with another individual. They both went into an area commonly referred to as “The Hole” on the bayside.

Telemaque then came from behind Alexander and attacked him with a cutlass.  Alexander then ran towards the bayside but unfortunately Telemaque had already grabbed a gold chain and wristlet which the virtual complainant was wearing.

A report was made.

Telemaque told the Court that he sold the jewellery to a jewellery store in Roseau.  None of the jewellery items were recovered.

His attorney, Wayne Norde, argued for a non-custodial sentence for his client, stating that he fully cooperated with the police and pleaded guilty. In addition, he offered to pay for the stolen items and was remorseful for his actions.

However, his client’s criminal past worked against him, as the Magistrate, after looking at his police record, noted he had been convicted for seven previous incidents.

Alexander was advised to sue Telemaque for compensation of his stolen jewellery after he has served his time in prison.

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