Cyber-Security Workshop

vlcsnap-2014-04-28-20h22m51s209A week-long workshop, focused on improving cyber-security and legislation to protect Dominica against cybercrime officially commenced at the Fort Young Hotel on April 28, 2014.

According to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Telecommunications & Constituency Empowerment, Davis Letang, the Government of Dominica recognizes the need for this focus as development in Information Communication Technology (ICT) evolves rapidly.





“We as a Ministry recognize the need for this focus since development in this area is so rapid and that the use of ICT is so pervasive that attention on security of IT infrastructure and networks must be a priority”, he said.

The workshop will include a review of electronic legislation, piloting of a cyber-security needs assessment and the establishment of Dominica’s first ever Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT).

Bennette Thomas, Director of Telecommunications says this workshop marks the commencement of a continuing process for the creation and maintenance of a national CIRT, which will further assist in the development of institutions and human capacity.





Meanwhile, Zahid Jamil for Commonwealth Secretariat/Council of Europe revealed that this initiative will bring together for the first time, all actors working in the area of cyber-crime and cyber–security.

The goal is to bring all these actors unto one stage to implement better legislation and to foster cooperation.

Last week the Ministry accommodated a conference of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regional Workshop on Dispute Resolution and Competitive Laws as well as Girls in ICT Day.






  • Ras Albert Williams

    This is a most important issue and concern that Caribbean governments need to address as they seek to embrace digital technologies on a large scale. As more and more information and data are transferred on-line, there is a substantial risk of private and government information being hacked. this would be catastrophic for a friendly or non-friendly government to have access to government mainframes and servers, for example.

    Hence the need for an understanding that as new comers to the sector, one of the first requirements is the develop security-awareness policies for its employees to mitigate any such cyber attacks etc.

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