DACA Pays Tribute to Former 80 Year Old Vendor


Former vendor, Ms. Agatha Green

Vice President of Dominica Arts and Crafts Association (DACA) Ms. Vanessa Romain, says their Former vendor Ms. Agatha Green who passed away last week at the age of 80, will be deeply missed.

Ms. Romain said Ms. Green was there from inception and at most times, the first person present at every meeting. Although Ms. Green lived in Portsmouth, she made herself available at every exhibition filled with enthusiasm.

It is believed she had the spirit which made a positive impact on most individuals around her. “She was referred to as Granny, “, Ms. Romain added.

She said, with the little that Ms. Green had, she always made an effort to bring coconut tablets, cassava, and other food items that she made.

Ms. Green was someone who was always willing to teach others. Last year, Ms. Green had a stroke which resulted in paralysis in one side of her body. She would still ask for her items and tools such as her knife and her straw to make her crafts.

Luckily, Ms. Romain held on to a product of Ms. Green’s;

Ms. Romain says, the DACA wishes Ms. Green was here to witness activities such as the exhibitions and “Buy Dominica” events.


Vice President of Dominica Arts and Crafts Association (DACA) Ms. Vanessa Romain

However, she did leave the association with inspirational advice. She asked Ms. Romain to remain devoted to the association and to try her best to keep the group together.

She noted, the major issue with Dominicans is that, we are too divided and unless we learn to work together, we will always remain at the pace that we are presently at.



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