Daddy Chess Captures Monarch of Monarch Title


Daddy Chess

Daddy Chess

Calypsonian Chester “Daddy Chess” Letang, emerged winner of the 2013 Monarch of Monarchs competition at the Stardom Tent on Wednesday January 23rd.

He emerged victorious after defeating top Calypsonians such as; Caressa, Hunter, Observer, and Scrunter.

Each previously has been Dominica’s Calypso King which qualified them for the show.

Daddy Chess who sang “Forward we go,” put on a very entertaining and high energy performance which the crowd fully enjoyed.

He showed a patriotic side as he wore a cape in the form of a Dominica flag.

Its bright colours complemented his all white outfit.

He is now the Monarch of the Monarchs earning himself a number of special prizes, some of which included $500 and a ticket to Martinique, St. Lucia or Guadeloupe compliments L’Express des Isles.

Hunter who performed “Caribakanal,” also kept the crowd on their feet with a high energy performance.

For his song, as he dressed in an outfit resembling a Kalinago Warrior with

The much talented Caressa came on stage dressed like a dog for his performance of “Bomb Threat,” which also was a crowd pleaser.

The patrons followed his every command, and followed behind him when he entered the crowd in an effort to create what resembled a dog sled.

Scrunter took a religious approach in an attempt to win the competition with his song entitled “Catholic.”

The slow pace of the song allowed the partons to cool down after they were fully engaged in dancing to upbeat songs by Daddy Chess and Caressa among other performers.

Observer sang his song entitled “Spirit of the Carnival.”

There was also the first ever Stardom Comedy Monarch show which featured Unwanted, Sour Sour, Big Jeff, DBS and Energizer, which Big Jeff won.

He won himself $200 and tickets to any of the destinations served by L’Express des Isles.

The carnival queen pageant contestants and the Dominica State College Jamboree contestants also made an appearance at the show.

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