DAEC Proclaims Stance on Homosexuality

Members of the Head Table

Members of the Head Table

President of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches DAEC Bishop Bill Daniel addressed Dominicans at a press conference on Wednesday 29th May 2013, emphasizing its stance on the practice of homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is the crown of perversion and leads to further perversion and illicit sexual practices,” Mr. Daniel continued.

Although the church like every other sin is practiced in Dominica, the pastor believes that the legitimizing of such sinful acts will have negative impacts on the future generation and society.

Bishop Bill Daniel

Bishop Bill Daniel

Mr. Francis, a member of the DAEC, emphasized that the public be fully aware that the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Intersex Persons (LGBTI) movement is international.

“We are not going to condemn anyone…the gospel has power to deliver men from sin and we believe firmly, homosexuality is a sin like adultery and fornication, that one needs to be cleansed from, and in a case maybe needs deliverance from”, Stated Mr. Francis.

The Association is calling not just on the members but people with deep spiritual conviction to rise against this matter.

The DAEC membership includes the Pentecostal, Christian Union Mission and Baptist churches.



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