DAIC Does Not Support Closure On Monday


The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) is not recommending transfer of the January 2nd optional Merchants’ Break to Monday 3rd, 2011.


Several inquiries have been made by the general public regarding Monday 3rd as a dies non; which is a day on which no legal business may be transacted. Persons have been calling the radio stations and having discussions in that regard.


Nonetheless, the Chamber recognizes that the decision to open or close on Monday is for the individual enterprise to take as the break is not a public holiday in Dominica.


‘Merchants’ Holiday in general and the fact that it falls on Sunday this time around may just be the opportune time for social partners to look at the totality of none productive breaks in Dominica’, says Achille Chris Joseph, CEO of the DAIC.


He continued by saying, ‘Several laws already provide for annualized non-productive breaks in Dominica as follows: every Sunday 52 days, other public holidays 12 days, minimum vacation 12 days, maternity leave 72 days, certified sick leave 36 days, industrial injury 156 days as well as compassionate leave 2 days’.


‘other leaves provided for industrial agreements include: Jury Services, sporting activities, paternal leave, union leave, study leave, family emergencies and uncertified sick leave.’


The CEO states, ‘How can we speak of productivity, competitiveness and enterprise development in an environment of such negative drivers? In my humble and personal view, we cannot comfortably pursue wealth creation in this environment.’


Merchants who chose to trade on Monday would not break any law if they do trade.

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