DAIC Host Annual General Meeting


President of the DAIC, Ms. Lilian Piper

The vision of Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) is the creation of a Dominican private sector that is proactive and visionary in its approach to embracing opportunities and challenges.

At the Annual General Meeting of the DAIC, held at Fort young Hotel on March 13th 2013, six new members were elected to the Board by majority votes, while six members stepped down for various reasons.

Featured speaker at the AGM, Mr. Gerry Aird, reminisced on the past where they did not have the luxuries and technology that we have presently.

Mr. Aird stated the significant and positive things that stood out and kept businesses going over the years were loyal hard working staff, good support from bankers and a vibrant banana industry.

He said now in the 21st century, we are in a stagnant world economy where companies are struggling; and spoke of the low productivity rate and lack of loyalty that businesses are faced with.

Mrs. Janice Amour, a long standing entrepreneur, said she navigated the biggest challenges of the Dominican economy over the years.

Her first venture was the banana Industry at Eden estate, where they worked relentlessly to produce the best bananas.

Later she took on a new venture that would later be one of the successful hotels in Dominica.


Featured Speaker at the AGM, Mr. Gerry Aird

Mrs. Armour stated she have enjoyed partnerships and open lines of communication with both private and public sectors.

Mr. McMillan gave his views on the business world.

The DAIC was grateful for the advice of the three featured speakers as they compared the past with the present to have a brighter future.

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