DAITP Observes System Administrators Appreciation Day


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The Dominica Association of Information Technology Professionals (DAITP) joins IT persons around the globe, in celebrating System Administrators Appreciation Day today Friday July 26th.

Each year this day is observed on the last Friday of July, where employers are encouraged to show appreciation for their IT staff.

With many businesses running several of their operations by utilizing computer technology, and with a high dependence on the smooth running of computer systems, networks and the Internet, System Administrators are increasingly important to the efficient functioning in both the public and private sectors.

System Administrators Appreciation Day is a way to give back through a small token or gift, to persons who often spend very long hours and many late nights keeping those systems running smoothly.


IT Equipment

The Dominica Association of Information Technology Professionals which is the representative body of IT Professionals in Dominica, was formed to foster collaboration and high ethical standards among those in the IT field.

The main focus of the association over the next year will be to strengthen its membership, coordinate IT certification training opportunities for its members and raise awareness of the IT field and IT knowledge among businesses and the public.

DAITP intends to engage businesses, to hire qualified professionals to perform IT jobs that meet international standards, while ensuring that its membership has the required qualifications, training and high ethical standards necessary.

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