Dame Eugenia Charles Lecture


The University of The West Indies Open Campus Dominica in collaboration with The National Bank of Dominica Limited presented The 5th Annual Dame Eugenia Charles Distinguished Lecture on Thursday November 25th, 2010 at The Fort Young Hotel under the auspices of The President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, His Excellency Dr. Nicholas Liverpool and Mrs. Liverpool. The theme for the lecture was ‘The Instrumentalities of Democratic Governance Under the Constitution of Dominica’ and was presented by Sir Brian Alleyne, former Acting Chief Justice of The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.


Sir Brian Alleyne said that the late Dame Eugenia Charles, former Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of Dominica was truly a remarkable individual in The Governance of Country and State. He said that the lecture is geared at keeping the memory of The National Hero alive and reminded the Dominican populace of Dominica’s remarkable potential in having produced a citizen who was internationally acclaimed.


He further addressed some issues of ‘Good Governance’ and took a look at some of the contemporary practices and attitudes that appear to be emerging in the exercise of Governance in Dominica. He further stated that the study of Political Law is meant to be a work of analysis, not one of advocacy or political parties and proposal.

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