Dancercise to compliment Caribbean Wellness Day Activities on Friday September 10th 2010



Dancercise is one of the many activities which are scheduled to mark Caribbean Wellness Day. Caribbean Wellness Day which was initiated by health officials in the region is geared at encouraging individuals to practice healthy lifestyles by eating healthy foods and remaining active in an effort to eradicate the high rate of non-communicable diseases in the region. While speaking with SAT TV News on September 7th2010, Mrs Helen Royer, Coordinator of Caribbean Wellness Day in Dominica said that the activities will run from September 10th to 25th 2010.


“We realize that the young people sometimes fail to comply with healthy lifestyles because of their busy schedules which cause them to consume quite a bit of junk food. So we have decided to organize activities to raise the awareness of healthy eating by having a youth friendly activity called Dancercise.


She said that Yoga, Break Dancing and active singing will also compliment dancercise.


“We have scheduled to have Fitness Plus which is a well recognized physical gym and they will be demonstrating and involving the public in the physical activities. We will close with the Fanatic Band to get people in motion. Our theme for this year is ‘love that body and feed it right’ and we realize that watching the way we eat and the activities that we practice will contribute to decreasing the amount of non communicable diseases,” said Mrs Royer.


Mrs Royer said that even after the activities marking Caribbean Wellness Day has come to a close, all individuals should continue to maintain healthy lifestyles.


She said, “so it is really to sensitize the public and save persons who have not started to live healthy. These activities could stimulate them to continue their physical activities. We are concentrating on less sugar, fat and salt and including some of the restaurant to depict wholesome healthy foods.

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