Dancing to the Rhythm of Life

Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company

Celebrating 41 years of creative dance, the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company presented, “Dancing to the Rhythm of Life”.

The show was put on at the Awarak House of Culture on Saturday November 10th, with over 20 pieces being displayed.

For 41 years they have maintained their vision to promote and celebrate a dance identity which is ours and of which we are proud.

This year the focus of the show was to pay tribute to Dominican Legeng Jeff Jo.

The group did justice to the piece by Jeff Jo and Grammacks called “Selebwasyon”.

The Waitukubuli dancers have always been fond of creation and nature and on Saturday night, the senior dancers graced across the stage to the music “Creation”, by Peter Tosh.

The both pieces were choreographed by Raymond Lawrence.

Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company

The dance company has always had a focus on creole dance and they have tried to maintain and build Dominica’s identity.

They feel strongly that Dominica people and our dance expression should reflect the cultural heritage of our people and our region.

Artistic Director of the group, Mr. Raymond Lawrence hopes that the company will continue to grow and provide dance entertainment to Dominicans and visitors alike, for years to come.


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