Danejahdane Entertainment Hosts School Tour at Pierre Charles Secondary School


Danejahdane Entertainment Hosts School Tour at Pierre Charles Secondary School

A number of students of the Pierre Charles Secondary School were offered words of wisdom, as Show Promoter Dane Smalling of Danejahdane Entertainment, hosted a School Tour on Friday May 4th.

The Tour headlined by Reggae Artiste Jah Vinci, endorsed the importance of abstinence, a vital factor to avoid teenage pregnancy.

Smalling told the students, they must be very careful of the friends they keep as the phrase, ‘Birds of a feather flock together,’ is often a trend realized by the public, and we should not want to be labelled bad by our choice to entertain persons who may be up to no good.

He also advised the students to take their education seriously.

Smalling also shared his love of music and playing music, and says he does not consider his occupation as a DJ or radio host a job simply because it’s what he loves to do.

He noted, everyone is not blessed with the same level of understanding or academic excellence, therefore we must discover what we are good at and develop it, as some people are blessed with technical expertise while others are more theoretical.

Midian Pacquette known as DJ Midian also had some inspirational words of advice for the students.

Smalling went on to wish school leavers well in their study for CXC examinations, and advised them to form study groups to share the wealth of knowledge with each other, so that they may all excel.

The students also had the liberty of witnessing many inspirational musical performances from Jah Vinci.

This was the first school tour hosted by Smalling of Danejahdane Entertainment.

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