DAPD calls on Dominicans to support the association’s 5th national dollar day

The Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities Incorporated (DAPD) is soliciting the support of the general public to raise much-needed funds to better facilitate their 2010 to 2014 strategic and sustainability development programme.


DAPD will observe its fifth national dollar day on Friday, October 29th, 2010.


President of the association, Mr Michael Murphy said that the fund raising event was designed to solicit support for the association’s projects and programmes with their target being $25,000.00 this year.


Contributions to the organization can be made on, before or after national dollar day.


Executive Director of DAPD, Mrs Nathalie Murphy said that this year’s theme, ‘supporting DAPD’s sustainability and creating opportunities for the empowerment of persons with disabilities’, coincides with Dominica’s 32nd independence anniversary theme.


Mrs Murphy said that donations collected will go towards several projects including the revamping of district committees and the construction of a multipurpose development center for the association.


Other projects to be undertaken as part of the five year strategic plan include sign language, braille and amateur radio programmes, community based rehabilitation, adjustment to blindness programmes and floral arranging.

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