DAPD to benefit from vita malt promotion

The Dominica Brewery and Beverages Limited officially launched its new ‘Vita Malt Takes care of you campaign’ on April 30th.


The campaign is a Dominica Brewery and Beverages Limited initiative to introduce a partnership that will benefit both the companies sales at the same time as a needy institution on the island.


For this reason the Dominica Brewery and Beverages Limited has adopted the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities (DAPD).


Natalie Murphy, the Executive Director of the DAPD says that the organization is pleased to have been selected to benefit from this campaign.


In addition, it comes at an opportune time she went on to say, as the Month of May is one of importance at the DAPD.


Throughout the month of May customers are invited to collect Vita Malt crowns and bring them in to the offices and staff of the institution.


For every 24 crowns returned, 50 cents will be donated to the DAPD. In the first week of June a donation will be made to the DAPD from the funds collected in the promotion.

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