Dapex urged to explore the possibility of engaging in value added activities


General Manager of the Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank (AID Bank) Mr. Kingsley Thomas appealed to the DAPEX formerly known as DBPL to urgently explore the possibility of engaging in value added activities, such as the partial or full processing of certain produces such as Plantains and Bananas, to name a few. Mr. Thomas made this appeal while submitting a few recommendations which he believes will assist DAPEX in achieving its goals.


‘Instead of just supplying the raw products to the wider world, I believe that farmers could convert them into finer products such as making Plantain chips,’ explained Mr. Kingsley.


He also urged them to increase their vigilance of Agricultural Products that are being exported to ensure that no contraband produces are included. According to him, many other Caribbean islands have suffered as a result of this exercise, and so, it is vital that the customs increase their vigilance.


Mr. Thomas believes that if DAPEX undertakes these suggestions, the Company would be well on its way in achieving its objectives.

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