Daryl Bobb speaks out on his failure to advance to the Calypso finals


Veteran Calypsonian Daryl Bobb vows to press on despite not making it to the final round of the 2011 Calypso Monarch Competition which is scheduled for Saturday March 05th, 2011.


Bobb who placed 1st in the 2010 Calypso Monarch Competition, failed to secure a spot in this year’s finals after he inadvertently repeated the third verse of his song entitled ‘Back to the drawing board’ at the Calypso Semi finals which was held at the Newtown Savannah on Saturday February 19th, 2011.


During an exclusive interview with SAT TV News, a disappointed BOBB said that he does not blame anyone but himself and fully understands that he had to be penalized for his blunder.


He says the plan was for him to execute a fourth verse which was a brand new verse, but unfortunately he got distracted in the transition between the third and the fourth verse and so he ended up repeating the third verse.


Bobb believes that had it not been for this unfortunate occurrence he would have been among the nine (9) calypsonians who advanced to the final round of the 2011 Calypso Monarch Competition.


However, despite the odds, the calypsonian plans to make a major comeback next year.

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