DASPA Chief Executive Officer says “Tourism is Everybody’s Business!”

Benoit Bardouille

Benoit Bardouille

It is the view of Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority (DASPA), Mr. Benoit Bardouille, that tourism is everybody’s business and we all need to continue playing our part, as there is much to benefit from this industry.

Mr. Bardouille says, tourism touches every level in the economy, and all persons involved in the industry must play their part including the police for security, vendors, and taxi operators for tours.

The road infrastructure, he says, especially travelling to and from tourist sites must be addressed.

The Chief Executive Officer noted, In order to make a significant difference to the industry, it is important that we always provide excellent service to visitors.

He says, although a lot more needs to be done to further benefit from tourism, there are many training programmes designed to improve the standard of service in Dominica.

The Discover Dominica Authority will continue to work towards improving our tourism product, with its main focus on transforming the town of Roseau to be the Premier City of the Caribbean.

In addressing the issue of access to Dominica, the Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority (DASPA) said, they are still pursuing business investors to assist in the development of the Canefield Airport.

He said, they are also working on acquiring increased flights to the Canefield and Melville Hall Airport which is very important.

An effective hub system, Mr, Bardouille says, is needed to create an easy transfer system for passengers to travel to other regional countries.

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