DAVA Elects New President


Former Film Commissioner, Mrs. Anita Bully

The Dominica Audio Visual Association officially held its general meeting where a seven member executive was selected to head the association, Ms. Jessica Canham.

Ms. Canham believes the chief directive of business as an executive is to review the draft constitution and to create a work plan. She added that their main goal is to generate better opportunities and conditions in Dominica, in order for persons to grow their businesses.

Another objective is to ensure that the audio visual and film industry in Dominica is on a higher level so we can progress from where we are to opportunities internationally.

On the other hand, Former Film Commissioner Mrs. Anita Bully, says the main purpose of the Association is to persuade individuals to become involved in the Audio Visual Industry as a people.

Mrs. Bully believes this action will help to promote business opportunities.

She added, that there is a need for more advertising of local products.


Executive Director of the Dominica Commission Services Industries Mr. Lester Rivere

Mrs. Bully would like to see Dominicans represented not only at festival activities, but also on television through local productions.

Executive Director of the Dominica Commission Services Industries Mr. Lester Rivere, says this association offers credibility for business institutions.

Mr. Rivere added that he is pleased with working the Dominica Visual Association, because it gives individuals an opportunity to meet a lot of business persons as well as professionals who can assist them with 

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