David Petraeus CIA Scandal Engulfs US Gen John Allen

David Petreus

The top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen John Allen, is being investigated for allegedly sending “inappropriate emails” to a woman at the centre of a scandal which ended the career of CIA head Gen David Petraeus.

Gen Allen, who was nominated for the post after his impressive performance in Afghanistan, was seen as almost certain to be approved by the Senate. The holder of Nato’s top military job in Europe is also in charge of the US European command.

Emails are said to have been sent to Jill Kelley whose complaint led the FBI to uncover Gen Petraeus’s extra-marital affair with Paula Broadwell.

Gen Allen denies any wrongdoing.

David Petraeus resigned on Friday as head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) over his affair with Mrs Broadwell.

Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has said in a statement that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) referred the matter to the Pentagon on Sunday.

Gen Allen will remain in his job, but Mr Panetta said he had asked for the general’s pending nomination as Nato’s supreme allied commander in Europe to be delayed.

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