Dayton University Engineering Students on Internship in Dominica

Snap 02014-05-26-18h02m41s115This summer a group of four engineering students from the University of Dayton, Ohio, will be on island for a ten week internship.

The students, who arrived on Saturday, will be attached to the Believers Multi-Purpose Cooperative and the Cassava Bread producers of the Kalinago Territory.

The initiative is part of the Dominica Manufacturers Association (DMA)’s collaborative linkages with the University’s ETHOS program, which provides a ten-week experience in developing countries for engineering students and some students from other units of the University.

As part of their preparation the students are required to take a course in appropriate technology.

The course facilitates independent research on the technologies, cultural immersion guidelines, safety and health considerations, and practical experience.

Speaking at the welcoming ceremony, Mrs. Gail Defoe, Executive member of DMA stated that the challenge that exists is the ability to produce in volume.

Production and not producing she noted is the differential factor between success and failure.

“The majority of the equipment that is engineered for production are way beyond our scale…so we’re constantly buying equipment that is far over sized sometimes for what we do produce”, she said.

The group of students consists of three chemical and one business engineer.



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