DBS reading competition

1st Place: Adicia Burton

D.B.S Radio, Ministry of Education and Courts shows interest in our children future and education as they hosted the National Reading Competition semi- finals on Thursday June 28th.

Children from the Vielle Case, St. Martin, Roseau, Salybia, St. John, Sailsbury, Pioneer, Roosevelt Douglas and Petite Savanne Primary schools participated in the competition.

The competition consisted of two rounds containing 9 children each and the first round took off with Ms. Michaela Warrington from the Roseau Primary School.

The Second Round began with Mr. Wendon Charles from the Vielle Case Primary, where he appeared to be confident as he read a D.B.S News script.

Although Mr. Wendon struggled at the start with certain words, he did extremely well.

According to the Judges, the children read well but lost points due to their slow paste.

The Roseau SDA came in 5th place with 255 points, Followed by the St. Martin Secondary in 4th place with 258 points.

In third position with 278 points came the Pioneer Prepartory followed by the Sailsbury Primary School with 279 points.

Coming in 1st place, Ms. Adicia Burton from the Salybia Primary School swept everyone off their feet.


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