D/ca Solid Waste Management Corporation launch their ADOPT-A- BLOCK Concept in ROSEAU


The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, Discover Dominica Authority and the Roseau City Council are spearheading an initiative geared at keeping the City of Roseau clean and aesthetic.


The ‘Adopt A Block’ concept will allow business owners in the capital, to take some level of ownership of various “Blocks” around the city.


Business owners will feel a sense of pride of their respective blocks, hereby ensuring its cleanliness and general upkeep; with the understanding that cleanliness translates into good business.


The programme also involves purchase of bins, maintenance of streetlights, and the provision of manpower resources for washing down streets and to keep respective blocks clean.


A number of businesses in Roseau have shown interest in the programme and have purchased bins on which their logos and advertisements will be attached.


The Corporation and its partners believe the Smart Bin is a critical solution to alleviate the litter problem in the City of Roseau.


The bin will provide pedestrians with a receptacle to dispose of litter in the city.


The bin is robust and will be permanently attached to the sidewalk next to the participating business or at any area in the city adopted by the business.


A walk-thru with the Physical Planning Division to determine the right location for the bins on the sidewalks was conducted.


The smart bin cost $700 which includes installation, collection and disposal by the DSWMC.


An Education Programme on all media will sensitize the public on the use of the Smart Bin.

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