Dead crayfish in the Canefield River causes a major concern for the Canefield Urban Council



Residents of Canefield are expressing concern following the discovery of large amounts of dead crayfish in the Canfield River yesterday, September 6th 2010. Chairman of the Canefield Urban Council, Mr Simeon Albert said that one of the residents in the area alerted him on the discovery.


He said, “when I arrived, I saw a number of dead crayfish along the river side and it appeared that someone may have thrown some sort of chemical in the river. We are not able to say what type of chemical however it is evident that the chemical which was thrown in the river was unbearable for the crayfish.


Mr Albert, who described the situation as ‘very serious’, called on the residents in the area and its environs to refrain from committing such malpractices, as the consequences can be detrimental.


“As the chairman of the council, I would like to urge residents to avoid having to throw any sort of chemical into the river as it will destroy the wildlife and to an extent Dominicans. This is something that we are not going to tolerate,” said Mr Albert.


He said investigations will be conducted by the Dominica Police Force and the Forestry Division to find the perpetrators.


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