Deborah Adegbosin is Valedictorian of All Saints University 20th White Coat Ceremony

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Ms. Deborah Adegbosin

Ms. Deborah Adegbosin has been named the Valedictorian of the All Saints University School of Medicine’s 20th White Coat Ceremony.

In addressing her counterparts, Ms. Adegbosin urged them not to let their view of the world be based just on the experience gained within the four walls of a classroom.

All Saints University School of Medicine hosted its 20th White Coat Ceremony, for students who have completed the basic Medical Science phase of the MDA Degree programme.

President of the All Saints University, Dr. Joshua Yusuf admonished the students for their hard work and persistency.

People at the Event

People at the Event

“Today 20 of them are being honoured…I congratulate you, your parents and faculty, for your achievements in spite of all the challenges you have had to face these past several months. Some of your former colleagues could not stand the heat and fell by the way side.”

Dr. Yusuf said the students have shown that anything is possible with the right attitudes and operating at the right altitude but reminded them that the journey of life had just begun.

Honourable Petter St Jean, Minister for Education says the University has brought tremendous benefits in the areas of professional competence and financial returns to Dominica over the past years.

According to Mr. St Jean, the Government of Dominica recognizes the commitment of the All Saints University to the development of the Island, particularly against the pressures imposed by the global economic challenges.

The All Saints University is continuous in their efforts to offer free health care to the public through its health fairs.

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