Delices villagers calling on Government to continue fixing roads

We all know the phrase; if you want something done properly you have to do it yourself.


This was demonstrated as the villagers of Delices all got together to raise funds, to take on a project where they patched the pot holes which are scattered through the roads in their village.


Villager Mr. Francis Emmanuel who is from Boetica, a driver and tour guide for Jungle Bay Resort says, the road from Delices to Petite Savanne, has been in a deplorable condition for a long time and was unbearable.


Mr. Emmanuel says, the government ministers are travelling on the roads and see the bad conditions they are in, buy yet still they do nothing to have them repaired.


He says, if they had to wait on the government, the road condition would only get worse, especially as we are in the Hurricane Season.


Mr. Emmanuel says that it is very important that the government focuses on the roads in the south east of the country, as they cannot on their own fix all of these holes with the little money that they work hard for.


Another villager said that, this work was long overdue to improve the conditions of the road from Delices to Petite Savanne, and if they did not try to help themselves, it seems no one will.


Villager Mr. Jeff Sorhaindo lamented that, the conditions of the road was so bad, that the constant rocking and shaking and vehicles bumping in holes was affecting their pregnant women, and also causing them to spend a lot of money to maintain their vehicles, which is not right.


Mr. Sorhaindo who was upset as to what is going on, went on to say, if this present government does not come to continue the work they have started, there is no way they will be voting for them in the next election.


The owners of Jungle Bay Resort provided lunch and drinks for the villagers, who turned out in large numbers for the road repair project.


Tour Guide of Jungle Bay Resort also had a message to send to the government.

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