Delta Force Security Urging Dominicans to Secure their Homes


Assistant Chief of Delta Force Security Community Watch, Mr. Parkinson Parillon

Gone are the days when in a hurry we would forget to lock up our homes and not have to worry about it.

If this happens today thieves would clean out our homes of all our prized possessions.

Coming home to a situation such as this could cause someone to suffer from a heart attack, after losing everything they worked hard for.

Thieves are much smarter now as they have evolved with time, to the point where they do surveillance, to know when a person is home or not.

Assistant Chief of Delta Force Security Community Watch Mr. Parkinson Parillon, is of the view that Dominicans need to do what it takes to secure their homes.

Mr. Parillon mentioned that citizens need to be very vigilant at all times.

He said if we slip up the thieves will use it as an opportunity to capitalize on our mistakes, therefore, we need to keep abreast with their ticks and schemes.

He pointed out, that we also have to be our brother’s keeper and look out for each other, and report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.

Mr. Parillon highlighted that if the residents of a neighborhood are not able to look out for each other, or need their homes secured; this is when Delta Force Security Community Watch is needed.

He noted the main goal of Delta Force is to ensure that Dominica is a safer place for its citizens and visitors alike.

Mr. Parillon added this security firm although new, is one that can be trusted, since all of their officers go through a strict vetting process and must submit police records.

This is implemented so they do not hire any criminals or people that have shady backgrounds.

He said for 2013 they want their appearance to be felt all over Dominica, for the public to feel safer.


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