Dengue Alert for Dominica

In an effort to protect citizens the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Environmental Health Department has some prevention measures for Dengue in Dominica.

Dengue Fever is the most significant Vector Borne Diseases affecting the Caribbean Region, and Dominica is on the alert for an outbreak of Dengue Fever.

The Ministry of Health believes that there is an increased public health threat to Dominica, especially now that the French Territories of Martinique and Guadeloupe are faced with an increase in the incidence of Dengue Fever.

Dominica is presently experiencing increased in rainfall at this time.

Unfortunately, Aedes Aegypti Mosquito population on the island is increasing to a level that elevates the risk of vector borne diseases.

It is against this background that the Ministry wishes to alert the entire population of the nature and scope of the threat.

Latest Household mosquito indices indicates that Castle Bruce, La Plaine, Roseau South, Portsmouth and Roseau North District contained indices, which are above the recommended World Health Organization (WHO )standard for the prevention of dengue transmission.

We recognize that certain environmental and sanitary conditions create excellent breeding sites for mosquitoes such as; Poor water storage at homes and public places, improper disposal of used tires, and improper use of water in domestic flower pots.

Others include the presence of garbage containers collecting water in private and public places, crisis Collection of Solid Waste in many communities and overgrown vegetation on vacant lots.

The Ministry of Health has developed an Integrated Management Strategy and Action Plan and is launching a public campaign to prevent and control problems related to mosquitoes.

In addition to increasing the number of inspection activities, a series of health education activities are organized to encourage and promote community participation in mosquito prevention and control work.

In order to prevent an outbreak of Dengue Fever and to control the spread of the mosquito population, communities around Dominica are asked to: practice safe storage of rain water in containers that are fully covered, advocate for the proper disposal of old and used containers in designated areas.

Citizens should also campaign for appropriate disposal of used tires in designated area, monitor the water quality in domestic flower pots, and collaborate with Environmental Health Department, National Pest Control Termite Control and Village Councils for the removal of derelict vehicles to Sanitary Landfill.

The spread of Dengue Fever in Dominica is a real possibility; however, there is no outbreak of Dengue Fever at this time.

Therefore, to prevent an outbreak, it is critical that we work with all the stakeholders such as The National Public Health Surveillance and Response Team of the Ministry of Health, Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, Local Government, National Pest and Termite Control and the General public.

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