Dental Services Procedures Manual to be Reviewed

PAHO Representative Mrs. Shirley Augustine

PAHO Representative Mrs. Shirley Augustine

The Ministry of Health in partnership with the Dental Health Services hosted a workshop to review the Dental Services Procedures Manual, on Thursday January 24th.

This review comes 21 years after it was first introduced in 1992, which formed part of the staff support component of the Primary Dental Care Programme.

According to the policy of the WHO Global Oral Health Program, oral health is integral and essential to general health and that oral health is a determinant factor of quality of life.

Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Idaline John, explained that PAHO contributed the financial resources to ensure the success of the project.

The review of the manual will promote the delivery and quality of clinical and preventive services in a cordial and efficient manner, to those eligible for care at the Ministry of Health’s Dental Clinics.

It will act as a guide of procedures to follow policies set by the Ministry of Health and the Dental Health Services.

Representative of PAHO Mrs. Shirley Augustine says the state of one’s oral health can cause chronic disease just like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Traditional treatment of oral diseases is extremely costly in several industrialized countries and not feasible in most low income countries.

The World Health Organization global strategy for prevention of non- communicable diseases is a new strategy for managing prevention and control of oral diseases.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Helen Royer, says this is a milestone development for the Ministry.

She emphasizes that the profile of oral diseases have changed over the years and globally standards are set and demands are made to ensure standardization in the standard of care.

Throughout the day they will give an overview of the manual, after which groups will be formed to review the manual.

It is hoped that the review will lead to more advances in the oral health industry.

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