Deputy Chairman of the DFC says season ticket price for the 14th annual WCMF is insuffiecient




Fans of the World Creole Music Festival have asked for justification in the price increase for the 14th annual World Creole Music Festival as in the year of 2000, the seasonal price for the festival was $125.00 which took a massive leap to $325.00. Mr. Sobers Esprit, Deputy Chairman of the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) said that while the price may seem costly the World Creole Music Festival is still one of the cheapest festivals in the region.


Mr Esprit said, “in the Caribbean, you would pay US $ 100.00 per night for most festivals and when we consider the entertainment value that we give to our patrons near and far we think that us $325.00 is a relatively good value for money.”


Mr. Esprit said that the cost of organizing the festival has increased drastically over the years.


“Band fees alone have moved from a couple hundred dollars to approximately a million dollars and air fares to transport artists near a million dollars,” said the Deputy Chairman.


He said that the $325.00 for the season ticket is still not sufficient to cover all the expenses incurred in organizing the World Creole Music Festival.


He said, “if it was a real business we would have failed a long time ago and if it was not for the support of the Government of Dominica and cooperate sponsors like Digical, we would not have made it. Last year we had a major loss but we have to continue this festival.”

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