Design Phase of New Princess Margaret Hospital in Final Stages

Current Princess Margaret Hospital

A team of Chinese architects recently concluded a visit to Dominica, where they toured the site for the construction of new buildings, to add with existing structures for the new Princess Margaret Hospital.

Minister of Health Honourable Julius Timothy pointed out that, the team also looked at two designs, one done by the Ministry of Infrastructural Development and the other by the Ministry of Health.

The Chinese also came up with a third design which Mr. Timothy says is much more appropriate, however modifications has to be made to then create the final design, to be returned to Dominica within the next three months.

In the designs some wards will be constructed four storeys high, while the casualty and equipment area will stand three storeys high.

Old Section of the Princess Margaret Hospital

This is all in the effort to ensure that they make maximum use of the available space, while thinking of constructing for the future and not only the present.

He said while not wanting to reconstruct the central medical stalls, the Chinese did promise that they would provide additional chill equipment for storing medicines.

Mr. Timothy highlighted that although there is not an estimate on the entire new PMH project, the work the Chinese will be doing is in the region of twenty five million US dollars (US$25,000,000.00).

The construction is estimated to commence in six to nine months, while construction will be complete in two years.

Mr. Timothy said it is not a matter of continuous construction, but a combination of constructing, moving, breaking down and then rebuilding.

He pointed out that the Chinese do not like to demolish and wanted to leave that task to the Government, but after many discussions it was agreed that the Chinese would demolish.

Entrance to Current Princess Margaret Hospital

However they insisted that the Government take care of the debris from the demolishing which may cost between two to five million EC dollars, stated Mr. Timothy.

The Health Minister stated that it is the human factor that can put us at the top level of health care services.



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