Desra Cuffy is Miss South East

Desra Cuffy

Winner of the show and Miss South East 2013, Ms. Desra Cuffy

As many gathered at Carnival City for the National Queen Show, La PlainE had their own Miss South East Queen Show on Friday, February 8th.

Surprisingly, there was a large turnout despite the fact that both shows were carded for 8pm. The contestants were fully supported by the crowd including their family and friends.

Although the show got off to a late start, the young ladies began with the right amount of energy as they introduced themselves.

The Evening Wear round was the most challenging, as all the ladies looked extremely lovely which made it hard for the judges. The judges said this was the most difficult round, however contestant #3 captured the title.

Contestant #1 certainly entertained the crowd in the talent round, with her creative, energetic calypso performance.

The young lady appeared on stage wrapped in a robe and then she transformed her clothing into a diaper and small sized t-shirt with “logo”  written at the back.

Winner of the show and Miss South East 2013 Ms. Desra Cuffy captured Best Swimwear and Best Talent. In the swimwear round, Ms. Cuffy wore an exquisite, one piece, brown swim suit with a brown hat to match.

Ms. Cuffy also wore long dangling green earrings that matched the green flower attached to her hat.

In the talent round, she performed one of the 6th time Calypso King Dices’ song where she was dressed in red and blue representing the political parties in Dominica.

The more mature seem to have really enjoyed her talent as she dressed like the older folks during election period in the past years.

When Ms. Cuffy was announced the winner, half of the crowd flew unto the stage with excitement.

Although she was tearful, she says she could not have been happier to capture the title of Miss South East 2013.

First runner up from the Miss Plus Size Show Ms. Kishma Joseph, made an appearance at the event to show her support since she is originally from La Plaine, wearing the original swimsuit  she captured the title Best Swimwear.

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