Destination Dominica Participates in ITB Berlin and Unite London Shows

CEO of Discover Dominica Authority & Director of Tourism, Mr. Colin Piper

CEO of Discover Dominica Authority & Director of Tourism, Mr. Colin Piper

The Discover Dominica Authority – DDA recently participated in the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) show in Berlin, Germany from March 5 – 9, 2014, where the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica was showcased.

The DDA was represented by Tropical Consult (a German representative), the Director of Tourism, Mr. Colin Piper and Tamarind Tree (private sector representative).

ITB is known to be the biggest travel trade show in Europe which attracts destinations, hotels, tour operators, agents and consumers from all over Europe and the rest of the world.


Mr. Piper noted that one can only get a sense of how the economy is performing by speaking with the people who are directly involved.

“We’re really looking at working with the trade and trying to understand what are the determining factors to increase our numbers coming in”.

According to Mr. Piper Germany is an important market for Dominica and having representatives in that country is important.20140305_115725

He added such inter airline agreements are what Dominica needs in addition to the continuous marketing of the destination.

Following this trip, Mr. Piper attended the UNITE show in London on Monday March 10, 2014, – a one-day event carded to attract the tour operators within the United Kingdom looking to generate business from the destinations or to touch base with their clients.

The DDA was represented by its new UK firm, Brighter Group, as they seek to encourage more tour operators to promote the Island.

During the London visit, the Director of Tourism met with the UK Diaspora groups and accompanied ‘Brighter Group’ on sales calls, in addition to discussing further with them, the plans the destination is embarking on to reach its goal of 90,000 stay over visitors by 2015.

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