DEXIA and ITC hosts a Supply Chain Management Workshop

The Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) in collaboration with the EU-Business Gateway project and the International Trade Center (ITC) concluded a 3-day train the trainers’ workshop on July 21st, 2010 here in Dominica.


The workshop which was themed: ‘ITC’s modular learning system in supply chain management’ ran from July 19th to 21st, and was facilitated by Mr Juan Hoyos of the International Trade Center.


DEXIA’s General Manager Mr Gregoire Thomas said that one of the main objectives of the workshop was to prepare participants to use ITC’s modular learning system and how to deliver the MLS-supply chain management training for maximum impact.

“The main objective of the workshop is to train local consultants and to train persons involved in purchasing to manage their supply chain. When we talk about the supply chain, we are talking about moving from the producer to the consumer. In that process we have a number of enterprises involved in purchasing items that they require as input into their production process,” explained Thomas.


The workshop was attended by nine local consultants from institutions such as Whitco Inc and the Bureau of Standards.


Mr Thomas is optimistic that the program has equipped the participants with the necessary skills to take advantage of new opportunities, reduce their company’s total purchasing and supply costs and make optimum use of their available resources.


“How do we analyze our supply markets? How do we go about choosing suppliers to supply our needs? The same would apply for small and medium-size enterprises that are also purchasing items. A lot of the items that we purchase, even as inputs into our manufacturing processes, they come from overseas so we import these items. We as small producers; we are small-scale and our imports are also small to the extent that we will be able to consolidate. It means that we can reduce our cost of operation and by reducing our cost; it has an impact on the bottom line – our profits. So the main purpose of the exercise is to help us to be more competitive,” said Thomas.


Having completed this workshop, it is believed that the participants now have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities for effectively teaching the international certificate programme in supply chain management.


“For the first six modules, we are looking at things like: how do you go about specifying your requirements for purchases? How do you analyze your supply market? How to you develop your supply strategies? You may be dealing with one, two or three suppliers…what are the risks of being involved with one supplier? The program is assisting us in that area and we are hoping that those persons who will be training will become certified trainers who will be able to offer this program to our small and medium-sized enterprises and to the persons who are involved in purchases whether they are persons in the public sector or private sector,” said Thomas.

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