DFA hold discussions with FIFA on CONCACAF 2010 participation

The Dominica Football Association (DFA) is hoping that footballers on the island will receive an opportunity to participate in activities, programs and competitions spearheaded by the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) this year.


Two top officials from FIFA are currently in Dominica holding talks with DFA officials on the way forward for the development of the sport on the island. However, Assistant Development Officer, Mr Newton George said that their visit to Dominica is three-fold.


“I am here with Mr Dick Howord with the CONCACAF project to review the Dominica Football Association assessment in terms of their eligibility to join the program, to review the administration of the DFA and to review courses DFA would like to have,” said George.


FIFA Technical Officer, Mr Dick Howord, who has been working with several countries in preparation for the CONCACAF, said that they are pleased to be working with the Dominica Football Association in this initiative.


“The CONCACAF program includes three parts; the national league program includes raising the level and improving the standard of top leagues in the country, the youth development program and the CIES program which is an academic program.”


President of the Dominica Football Association, Mr Patrick John said that under this project, they will focus on two critical areas of development.


“Today we have two of the areas that will work wonders for us in the future. There is the question of development of women’s football and the question of the continuation of the goal 2 program at Stockfarm which we hope will be complete by February 2011.”


Following discussions with the FIFA officials, the DFA will then submit a proposal to FIFA who will make further recommendations and amendments for qualifications into the CONCACAF program.

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