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Dominican referees

Dominican referees have been urged to take their tasks seriously and treat it as a profession.

This word of advice came from President of the Dominica Football Association (DFA), Mr. Glen Etienne, at a presentation ceremony of equipment kits by the DFA to referees on Wednesday November 28th.

He said although they are cognizant of how much of an unenviable task referring is, they must do it to the best of their ability.

Mr. Etienne urged the referees to make the best use of the equipment given to them by the DFA, while using them wisely and can also make it available to persons actively involved in referring.

He said if best use is not being made of these kits it means that, the DFA would have wasted time and resources whereas it could have been channeled elsewhere.

He advised the referees to do their training on their own, as it does not make sense to wait for special referee training which simply is not enough.

He said with that, they will position themselves to better understand their sport and be more efficient while carrying out their duties, and they must create their own training schedule and get extra help if needed.

President of the Dominica Football Association (DFA), Mr. Glen Etienne

Mr. Etienne stated referees should always behave in a manner that, their actions will attract people to become referees and not the other way around.

The DFA President mentioned that over the years there has been demise in the number of individuals servicing the game, which is a major cause of concern.

He said if this trend is to continue, it means there will not be adequate referees to service the various leagues and competitions played under the auspices of the Dominica Football Association.

Mr. Etienne added that the senior referees should use their time to pass on the knowledge and skills they have acquired to the young referees who will be replacing them when they call it quits.

He said as referees’ need continuous training, the DFA will be staging a referee course in 2013 as it was not possible to be done this year.

Mr. Etienne urges the referees to read a lot to be aware of the rules of FIFA, as people will question their calls during games, but they must never be in a position where they are questioned on their knowledge of the rules and its interpretation.


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