DFC press conference

Dominicans can look forward to an improved carnival as at a Dominica festivals committee press conference new features were announced.


President of the pan association, miss corinthia felix announced that as a result of the collaborative effort of steel pan groups around the island that a pan centered float will be taking part in the mas dominik line up in addition to the annual pan festival.


In addition, Mr. Alex Bruno of the calypso association revealed that the calypso association will be enforcing a new rule that will penalize contestants in the calypso competitions for repeating verses.


Mr. Alwin Bully, member of the board of directors of the DFC says that the opening of carnival on January 28th was a success and commends the participants for their efforts.

He went on to say that there is room for growth in the parade where carnival floats are concerned.


The next carnival show is the calypso semi-finals and will take place at the carnival city on February 4th.

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