DFP calls for a strategic plan in education

The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) has called on the government of Dominica to develop a strategic plan to utilize the finances made available by the Chinese Government for investment in the education sector.


Executive member of the DFP, Mr Herbert Sabaroche made this appeal at a DFP press conference last week Friday.


Mr Sabaroche said that government’s plan should incorporate the support of all stakeholders on the island, through various social programs geared at reducing unemployment among the youth.


“We are hoping that this plan would have a legislative agenda for example; early childhood education. We would expect that there would be policies outlining the direction that education should take. This should look at not only the involvement of the stakeholders, but also performance, efficiency and effectiveness, so that at the end of the day, the required impact can be obtained,” said Sabaroche.


Mr Sabaroche said that his party is also concerned about the current affairs of the Dominica State College.


He said that while some $15 million have been allocated to the institution, emphasis must be placed on the standard of education in becoming CSME-ready.


“We are hoping that a plan would be put in place so that we would be on par with other educational institutions in the Caribbean. We do know of CSME development and the movement of skills and labour in the Caribbean. We would want to ensure that our students meet and surpass the standards set by other Caribbean countries in that regard,” said Sabaroche.

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