Sat Telecoms2013-11-18-17h44m40s164On Thursday November 14th many young persons as well as senior citizens; gathered at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium to celebrate World Diabetes Day with Diabetes Mele; Youth in Action.

The event consisted of several performances, administered under the theme: “Uniting to promote Wellness…Take a Step for Diabetes”.

This event was organized in collaboration with the Health Promotion Unit of the Ministry of Health, the Dominica Diabetes Association (DOMDA) the National Youth Council and other private companies.

The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes, giving the illness a common identity. It symbolizes an awareness of Diabetes care and cure originally developed for the campaign.


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The blue border of the circle reflects the colour of the sky and the flag of the United Nations; a symbol of unity among the nations.

Dominican musician, Mrs. Ophelia Marie was pinned Personality for Diabetes – an international campaign recognition.

Mrs. James noted that there has been a significant decrease in amputations from the year 2010.

The Peer Health Initiative of the All Saints University; School of Medicine also participated in this event, sharing information on diabetes.

Mr. Henry Okoro, student at the University, delivered a message of solidarity on their behalf.

Mr. Henry explained that, the number of diabetics in the world is enough to make up a well-developed country.

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