Did You Know: African Grey Parrots have Vocabularies of Over 200 Words ?


African Grey Parrot

The African Grey parrot is one intelligent bird. So intelligent that it has its own distinct personality and an excellent talker as well. Pick that out. This is perhaps one of the reasons the African Grey is the most popular and widely adopted parrot species.

Two major sub-species of the African Grey are the Timney African Grey and the Congo African Grey. They differ slightly physically and can be found in different parts of Africa. The ones you see with an all dark grey/black beak is the Congo Grey with the upper mandible of the Timney Grey having a light-colored patch.

The African Grey parrot is known for its ability to talk. So much so that it boasts a vocabulary of over 200 words, with a minimum of 100. Research has shown that the African Grey is intelligent enough to not only mimic but also comprehend human language as well as communicate needs and feelings, in addition to other clever things. Shoulder to lean on during trying times? Careful not to spill your secret now. Not only that, this parrot species has been known to count numerically as well as pick out shapes and colors.

The African Grey parrot is one independent partner. This puts off some folks because they think the parrot is ‘cold’. On the contrary though, it can be extremely loving and affectionate, smothering you with love and offering extended durations of joy and entertainment. If you leave it with a friend or neighbor when going on holiday for long, the bird will miss you terribly. As such, it is advisable to do a test first to see how he/she will react towards new company.

You need to mind your language if you don’t want future embarrassment because the African Grey parrot will learn the family vocabulary. In addition to learning the names of each household member, they will adopt the ‘locally’ used expressions.


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