Did You Know: Cats have Over 100 Vocal Chords?

CATCats seem to possess at least 10 times as many vocal sounds as their canine rivals — more than 100, as compared to the paltry 10 of man’s best friend.

It’s unclear who’s doing the counting or how they are doing it — those figures sound a little too precise — but it is definitely true that cats communicate more vocally than dogs do.

You see, dogs have mastered the noble art of Marcel Marceau — the art of the mime.

A faithful canine companion knows that with some simple contractions of the facial muscles, she can produce an expression that will tug on the heartstrings or warn the owner of her imminent displeasure. She is content to practice this art in silence because she knows that all it takes is a look of pitiable pleading and her food dish will be filled.

The cat, meanwhile, is a haughtier animal. While dogs pay homage to their owners as the breadwinners of the pack, cats believe that humans are, at best, their equals. Instead of engaging in the undignified but effective ploys of the dog, cats are happy simply to order us about. The fact that their orders may or may not be heeded is a sign of our defective character, rather than their own lower status in the household.

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