Did You Know: Female Brown Trout Fake Orgasms?


Female brown trout

The brown trout is a fish which lives in salty water and which want to migrate seasonally. The brown trout migrate in the winter, when the water becomes very cold and they want to go to some other place with warmer water temperature. The brown trout eat some other small fish. The brown trout is a medium sized fish and the average weighs from 15 to 20 kg.

Female brown trout fake orgasms to encourage males to ejaculate prematurely. The females will shake, which is usually what they do to release their eggs during mating. But, in the event that they don’t like the particular male trout, they won’t release their eggs, they dupe their partner into thinking it has successfully mated, before the female fish moves on to find a better male with which to do the real thing.

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