Did You Know: Most Dust Particles in your House are Made from Dead Skin

dustMost dust particles in your house are dead skin. They’re really dead skin cells that get shed off our bodies. Dust might contain other ingredients like: soil or sand tossed up by wind, pollen, hairs, and many other materials which may be found in the environment.

Dust can be made of fecal matter! Yes that’s right.: fecal matter! There is also bacteria, pet dander, bug and flea droppings, the dirt we track in on our shoes present in dust! Its all around us in the air and on our surroundings.

Whats more, I haven’t even mentioned the dust mites! Which are tiny bugs that lives on us, around us and on our pets. These bugs eat, drink and make merry all around us and it is their fecal matter that makes up a large portion of the dust we sweep and vacuum up each day!

So what is a gal to do? Run screaming and rent sealed room? Take the first rocket to the moon? No, we don’t have to go to those extremes to rid ourselves of dust.

Here are a few hints to tame the common dust particle!

Vacuum your home regularly. Use a high powered vacuum cleaner, with Hepa-filtration capabilities, or at least a multilayered/washable filter. Vacuuming with these filtered cleaners can remove a large percentage of the dust and dust mites in our homes.

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