Did You Know: That a Toothbrush Should be Kept a Minimum of 6 Feet Away From a Toilet?

toothbrush-toiletThe toothbrush plays an important role in maintaining our oral hygiene by removing plaque and bacteria, keeping our pearly-whites clean and sparkling as it work its way around our teeth and gum every day.

However, it is easy to overlook the hygiene and care of the toothbrush itself. Invisible germs and bacteria – including those that cause infections like gingivitis and gum diseases – thrive in high-humidity areas like the bathroom.

Thus, if we are not careful with how we use our toothbrushes, we risk turning our toothbrushes from a cleaning tool into a contaminated host where germs grow.

Keep toothbrushes away from the toilet; close the toilet lid before flushing

While flushing, droplets of contaminated water floats into the surrounding areas, and may land on counter-tops and sinks.

Thus, dentists recommend a minimum of 6 feet distance between a toothbrush and the toilet. Even better – close the toilet lid before flushing.


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