Did You Know: The Safest Car Color is White?

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Did you know that the Safest Car Color is White?

Have you ever wondered if certain car colours are safer than others? If so, ponder no more. Monash University Accident Research Centre has conducted an extensive study examining the colour of the vehicles involved in crashes resulting in death, injury or the towing of a vehicle between 1987 and 2004.

White has been considered the safest car colour for years and rightly so according to the research, which shows a clear correlation between the car colour and crash incidence. There is a 12% higher risk of being involved in a crash in a black vehicle compared to a white vehicle.

The next least safe colours are silver and grey, an interesting fact given that the most popular car colour in Australia is Silver. Whilst white is the safest, the next safest colours include bright tones like red and yellow. The underlying reason why white and bright colours are safer than black and dark colours including dark blue and dark green, is that they are easier to see against the black road.

The study also looked at various times of day to test whether white is consistently the safest at night. The results indicated that white and brighter colours are safer at night, albeit to a lesser degree. Another interesting observation from the study is that darker coloured cars have an increased risk of being in more serious accidents.

So if you’re not fussed with the colour of your car and safety of your family is of utmost concern, then choose a white one or a bright colour!

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