Did You Know: Topolino’ is the Name for Mickey Mouse Italy?



Topolino, (from the Italian name for Mickey Mouse) is an Italian digest-sized comic series featuring Disney comics. The series has had a long running history, first appearing in 1932. It is currently published by Disney Italia.

In 1932 the editor Mario Nerbini decided to open a new weekly newspaper for kids, containing illustrated tales with Mickey Mouse. The first number of Topolino was published on December 31, 1932: it contained Mickey’s first Italian story drawn by Giove Toppi.

In this story Mickey Mouse was chased by an elephant. However Nerbini hadn’t bought correctly the publication rights, so when Emmanuel (Disney’s representative in Italy) protested, Nerbini changed the title of the comic book into Topo Lino (Mouse Lino), replacing Mickey Mouse with Topo Lino, another mouse.

When Nerbini bought the publication rights from Disney and KFS (King Featured Syndacate), he changed again the title intoTopolino.  Floyd  Gottfredson’s stories made their debut into Topolino #7 with a Sunday page featuring Mickey, Minnie and Morty and Ferdie.

Topolino published mainly Mickey Mouse Sunday pages; the daily strips were published on the supplement to the newspaper.

  • Camillo

    Mickey the Mouse in italian is Michelino il Topo … the short for Michelino is Lino …. Lino il Topo (Mickey the Mouse) … Topo Lino (we in Italy are used to put the Family name before the personal name) … Topolino

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