Digicel Kick Start Course Train Local Coaches

Coaches during coaching course

Coaches during coaching course

22 coaches on Saturday June 21st benefitted from the Digicel Kick Start Course during an important session on coaching held at the Pierre Charles Secondary School in Grand Bay.

Steven Winnett, International Technical Support Officer at Chelsea FC said, the coaches were taught the Chelsea Philosophy, various coaching styles and how to develop players in various environments.

Winnett stated, the Digicel Kick Start Course has been producing positive results from the Caribbean from the training of coaches and players.

He added, the coaches were engaged throughout the session.

Meanwhile, Don Leogal, President of Digicel sponsored Newtown Juvenile Football Academy (N.J.F.A) said he was pleased with the course.

Coach of the NJFA Phillip Alleyne, said he is looking forward to a continued relationship with the Chelsea Football Club as such courses are vital in the promotion of football.

Meanwhile, three under 17 footballers have been selected by a group of coaches from Chelsea Football Club in the UK, to participate in a one week football programme in Barbados.

In October, Delroy Parker, Giles Mitchel and Andrez Joseph will participate in a regional training, comprising the top forty-two aspiring young footballers from across the region.

Players selected for further training in Digicel Kick Start Course

Players selected for further training in Digicel Kick Start Course

A fourth player, Quammie Bell received a wild card entry.

He will only be able to travel to Barbados if he receives the sufficient number of votes from fans.

As part of Digicel Kick Start Clinics, over the weekend 25 boys went through a number of football drills at the Geneva playing field in Grandbay where they displayed their talent to the coaches.

The Clinics were introduced to help young players – boys and girls to obtain some form of professional training to help in their development.

The aim of the kick start program is to identify talented players and to provide them with professional training.

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